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Weblogic 10.3.6: local queue creation

Weblogic 10.3.6: Creación de colas locales

Sometimes in weblogic server is needed to create some local queues in order to process different types of messages.

This is the steps needed to create a very basic queue in weblogic.

The main objetive is to create one queue in weblogic.

1 - JMS Server creation: 

This is a basic container for de the queues.

  • Go to services -_> Messaging-->Jms Servers
  • Press New and create a new JMS Server: It is the container for queues.
  • Name the new JMS, por example: MyJmsServer and press next.

  • Finally select the server where you want to deploy your Jms Server

  • The final result is that you have created a new JmsServer associated to your Server.

2 - JMS Module creation: 

This step is to create a JMS module where you can assign resources and configure your queues. This module is similar to a J2EE module where configure your jndi resources.

  • Go to JMS Modules and create a new module, for example CSBModule, this is a module related to my CSMB project.

  • Name the module.

  • Asign to a server.
  • The final result is a JMS module asociated to the Server.

3 - Subdeployment creation: 

A subdeployment is a mechanism by which JMS module resources (such as queues, topics, and connection factories) are grouped and targeted to a server resource (such as JMS servers, server instances, or cluster).

Is a place where all the queues and resources which we are going to create will be placed, we are going to asociate to the JMS Server created in step 1.

  • Go to the new JmsModule creante and go to subdeployments tab and create new one

  • Name the subdeployment, for example AdminServerJMS

  • Associate it to the JMS Server create in step 1.

  • The result is a subdeployment associated to the JMS Server and through this server to the admin server.

4 - Conection Factory creation: 

In order to create a queue, the first step is to create a connection factory and after that the queue and asociate it to this factory.

A connection factory is a resource that enables JMS clients to create connections to JMS destinations.

  • Go to JMSModules --> CSMBModule and press new 

  • Create the connection factory 

  • Name it  (CFCSMB) and give a jndi name (jms/CFCSMB)

  • Asociate to the server.

  • The final result is a connection factory like that:

5 - Queue creation: 

Now we are ready to create the queue

  • Go to JMSModules --> CSMBModule and press new 
  • Create the new queue

  • Name it (CSMB_BT_IN) and give a jndi name (jms/CSMB_BT_IN)

  • Associate it to the sub-deployment and target to the JMS Server.

  • The final result is like that

This are all the steps needed to create a Queue in weblogic 10.3.6 associated to a JNDI-NAME.

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