lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

Jenkins: Pool SCM always detect changes

Jenkins: Consultar repositorio (SCM) siempre detecta cambios.

Today a quick issue that has happened to me, i was configuring a new Jenkins project as always but the Pool SMC to SVN repository was always detecting changes and triggering a new build.

This was my normal Jenkins configuration:

1 - SVN repository URL to my company interal SVN
2 - Always Check a fresh copy
3 - Pool SCM each 5 minutes.

The configuration was ok, but Jenkins was triggering a build each 5 minutes because it was always deteting changes in the SVN repository.

After "googleling" a while, made some test, and copy the SVN repository URL in a browser i realised that my SVN URL was not the original one. The server was redirecting to another URL i dont know why, maybe due to the https connection.

The original URL was:

and the server redirected to 

After changing the SVN URL to the final redirect it started to work properly again and it only triggers a build after changes has been uploaded to the reposository.

Be careful with servers redirects



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