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Webservice Example with axis2 part1: Setting environtment

This is the first post to show how to create a web service with a simple operation and a complex operation based on Axis2.

In this series of posts we are going to show this points:

The first thing to do is set up the necesary environtment to create the web service. Download the next sofware and configure the environment variables:

•    Java SDK version 1.6.0_45 or later.
•    Windows environment variable JAVA_HOME pointing to Java location (C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_45)
•    Eclipse IDE version 4.3 Kepler or later.
•    Apache Maven version 3.1.1 (Embedded in IDE or installed in local machine to use it in command line console).
•    Add the apache Maven bin directory path to the Windows environment variable Path
•    Apache Ant version 1.9.4, installed in your local machine.
•    Add the apache Ant bin directory path to the Windows environment variable Path
•    Apache axis2 version 1.6.0  (binary distribution). Libraries XMLBeans version 2.3.0 and axiom version 1.2.11 are included in axis2.
•    Windows environment variable AXIS2_HOME pointing to Axis2 location (C:\axis2-1.6.0)
•    WSO2 application server version 4.0.1 to deploy Web services.  (you have to download the version 5.0.0 in the download page)

The next step is check if all the elements are properly installed.

Open a dos command window and execute java -version

Execute the eclipse.exe in your eclipse installation


Open a dos command window and execute mvn -version

Open a dos command window and execute ant -version

Open a dos command and execute echo %AXIS2_HOME% and check that path y correct.

WSO2 - Application Server
Open a dos windows and run the server using this command.

Open browser and copy the url that appears in the last line of the output

Enter user admin and password admin

If you are here everything has going ok.

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